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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Endless Mission - EA Review

The Endless Mission holds true to the name, offering a ton of content to play in a variety of genre's. The majority being community created, but some of the one's built into the game, specifically the RPG story missions are excellent and warrant a required play. I hope the community created content can get up to this level. I made a video going over some different missions you can play right now.  I hope to have a creation video up soon showing you how the world building works.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BigFoot - EA Review

BIGFOOT the game is a survival game based around finding the fictional (or not) beast, Bigfoot. The game is best consumed with a group like-minded cryptozoologist. The beast will pop up and attack the different members of your party as you search about the rather perfectly sized map. Your team must also face environmental challenges such as natural predators (wolves and bears) and the cold. The game play is built around two different objectives: find the missing hikers or trap the beast. Recently additional maps have been added, including the Bigfoot frozen cousin the Yeti. Armed with tracking darts, traps, and an array of cameras to scout of the area, the game balances out the challenging Bigfoot encounters with the teamwork your group can provide. While I was unable to track down Bigfoot myself, I am very interested to play it again.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time - First look!

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a great VR game that has Puzzles, Iconic Monsters and some cool visual effects. Any Doctor Who fan is going to be thrilled with the game, plus it's fully voiced by Jodi Whittaker. This is as close to becoming the Doctor as we have gotten so far, and my favorite Doctor Who game. It's full of authentic music, props, sets, and easter eggs. You get to control the Tardis, use the Sonic Screwdriver and Save the Universe.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Out of Space - 4 Player Co-op Action!

Out of Space has you stuck on a dirty space station that requires some alien extermination and cleanup. Best played with friends, you work together to clean the place up, all while fighting exhaustion and starvation. It's got a fun mix of chaos's and excitement that keep you on your feet and screaming at each other constantly. We played 4 player co-op and enjoyed it greatly.
Check out our video here.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dungeons and Dragons - Ashter Campaign - Episode 3 - Caster

This is Episode 3 in our Ashter Adventures. We play these on Fantasy Grounds and Discord.
Episode Highlights
•Sir Herold Moore gives to Philip a token of the Kingsguard
• The party departs the Southeast Tower
• The party arrives in Caster
• The party meets Harlin Peetsome but finds little wrong in Caster
• The party spends the night at the Fish Tales inn
• In the middle of the night Caster is attacked by waves of undead, skeletons and zombies
• The party rescue Harlin Peetsome who swears one of the undead was the former magistrate of Caster
• In the morning the party go with Harlin to the town cemetery
• The party discovers that a tunnel has been dug under all the caskets in the cemetery, and the caskets are gone.
• The party achieves 2nd level

Watch the YouTube video

or Listen to the Podcast version.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Star Citizen - 3.7 thoughts, hopes and fears all covered in our Latest Podcast!

Ryan, Will and Eric talk about their experience playing Star Citizen version 3.7. This was Will and Eric's first time in the Verse, but luckily veteran Ryan was there to assist.  We give our thoughts on the state of the game and talk about when we think it might be released! Please don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!