Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Harry Potter Go game is ramping up the hype Train!

Got an email today from the new Harry Potter Mobile game called Harry Potter Wizards Unite and it's looking promising. This looks to be a Harry Potter game with Pokemon go aspects but more interactive maybe? Hard to tell by the website but with the huge success Pokemon Go had, this could be even bigger, reaching far more people both traditional gamers and just HP fans. Join our group to discuss this and much more!
 Here is the newly released website

Battlefield V Review

After many hours of game play (2 story missions and the rest multiplayer) I can safely say this is the best Battlefield since Battlefield1942 revolutionized FPS games back in 2002. Squad play is at it's best here and the different classes work really well together. So well in fact that it offers a reason to mix the squad up with at least 3 different classes on most maps. The fact that each class can revive squad mates is a big part of this and a great move by Dice. Each class also has 2 different specialization they can follow, which offers even more variety.

Another new feature is building fortifications throughout the map. It is really cool and can help you reinforce a capture point or offer supplies to your team. Often flag captures and the general game play is too fast to really see this feature through sadly, but I like the way it works and I hope to see it used in a more useful way in future game modes and maps.

Speaking of maps there are 8 currently and it's really hit or miss with me on most of them. I am an infantry man at heart so maps that cater more to the soldiers are my favorite right now. With that sad I do highly enjoy the tanks. They feel just about right now on balance and are fun to play and destroy. Planes are what I have the least experience in and right now it seems like bombers are really powerful in the right hands. To the effect that I think they kind of ruin a few maps, Fjell especially. I've seen many pilots go 30+ kills to like 1 or 2 deaths on that map and it's hard to AA them with the way the mountains provide protection.

The game looks amazing and there are a lot of wow moments that can happen in an instance. I've encounter a few laggy servers but for the most part it's been really smooth. The true test for that will come on the 20th when it's released to everyone. As with all Battlefield games there are some major bugs and balance issues that need addressed, but Dice has already acknowledged many of them and I expect a patch soon.

Here is the intro to get you fired up!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Graveyard Keeper Review

Lazy Bear Games does it again bring humor and fun to a game type not know for it. It's first game Punch Club was a sleeper hit and Graveyard Keeper continues that legacy with quirky humor and fun game play. GYK is far more of a grind then Punch Club is but there are more things do and a much larger world to explore. It's definitely got some Stardew Valley vibes but more sarcasm and mystery. I am huge fan of simulation / management games and being mixed with humor just made game really click for me. At release many people complained about the grind, and just recently Lazy Bear patched in the ability to hire zombies to complete your menial task for you in the mid to late stages of the game. So many of the those complaints have been addressed. If you enjoyed Punch Club or are into management simulation games like Stardew Valley I'd suggest you check this game out. You can grab it from Humble Bundle for $20 and help me support St. Jude's Children Research Hospital at the same time. 

Here's an hour of me streaming it if you'd like to see the game in action.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Game Dev Studio Review

A deep simulation that doesn't hold your hand and can leave you confused at times. It's not the prettiest game of this type, nor does it have the best interface, but what it lacks in those area's it makes up in others.  It has some very complex systems, such as the skill tree and game design elements. These and other systems blend together well and make the game far more complex then others of this genre. All of that said it makes the game a bit confusing so make sure you do the tutorials. As for the difficulty I played on Normal, which is the 2nd hardest difficulty option available, so you can decide to lower it if your not enjoying the pressure and missing your goals. Once you figure out how the game works and the depth it offers you quickly start falling in love with it. You can tell the developers put a lot of hard work into the game and are still updating it and adding new features. 

You can pick it up on Steam for $5.99 right as it's on sale for 40% off.

Harry Potter Go game is ramping up the hype Train!

Got an email today from the new Harry Potter Mobile game called Harry Potter Wizards Unite and it's looking promising. This looks to be ...