Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Orbus VR Reborn is launching today!

I will be streaming it tonight at 9pm est. Join our Discord and group if you'd like to play with us.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

First-Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator Review.

This is the current golden standard for Tennis in VR. It's a complete game and feels so real it's crazy.  There are tournaments, online mode, training and much more. You can play in non-VR, but my review is only for the VR version of the game. Hitting and volleying back and forth feels just like tennis - minus all the running and sucking that typically occurs when I play in real life. There are several movements options, teleport, slide and real tracking. With that said unless you have a huge VR area only teleport and sliding is possible. I hate paying  more than $20 for a VR game due to the limited play time I typically get out of them, however in this case it's worth it.
Here is some game play video. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lyantei - Review

Lyantei is a casual visual novel from Sweet Slush Games. The main story is about you going to help you're aunt run a tavern, which has you doing different daily task. The story is a bit weird in places and clearly loses some effect in the translation. I wasn't impressed by the story as much as the artwork. The story just seems to try too hard and failed to get the effect it wanted with me.  With that said you can tell a lot of love went into the game and several of the 6 main characters are interesting enough to keep you going.
Each day you can complete 3 task, while other guest will chip in and help complete task as well. Your basically trying to make the Tavern the best place possible. Reputation, cleanliness, efficiency, food, potions and more are all things you can work on during the day to help the tavern succeed. While doing these task other events can spring up and give you more story and paths to follow. Most of the daily choices I ended up hitting the automate option, and that can get old pretty fast, but I did enjoy the story events that would pop up from time to time and I felt like the choices I made in those events changed my story quite a bit. Overall if your into graphic novel games then you might enjoy this one. If your on the border I'd wait for a sale and give it a try.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulation - Review

Beans has it's moments of fun, and will offer you a good time for $5, especially if your into management / simulation games. It has a story and even cut scenes and shows that the developers put a lot of time and love into the game. It's humor is hit or miss most of the time, but it's a $5 game so it's surpasses any expectations I would have in that department.  It suffers from stagnant moments and obtuse methods that seem to be there make the game last longer. It does have a nice research tree that does get a bit old the further you progress but is still pretty unique for this genre and gives it a nice change-up. Overall I enjoyed my time with Beans and would recommend it!

Orbus VR Reborn is launching today!

I will be streaming it tonight at 9pm est. Join our Discord and group if you'd like to play with us. https://orbusvr.com/