Friday, February 17, 2017

Oxygen Not Included ( Alpha Review)

If you enjoyed Don't Starve, this is by the same company and has a lot of the same features. The artwork is identical, which I enjoy. I have only played a couple hours and lost 1 colony so far but I feel like this is more of a game that is you struggling to survive staying alive. Rather than building a base to stop an incoming monster attack or trying to stock up to stay alive through Winter, like in Don't Starve. You dig to explore and expand out so you don't travel great distances or explore very far, which is different from DS. I made it to day 14 on my first play thru, but ultimately everyone died of starvation. There is no tutorial but they do have Tool Tips which help, but you will have to figure some things on your own. For being an Alpha it is very stable and runs smooth.

Summary: If you enjoyed Don't Starve and like the idea of building a base to survival and keeping a constant flow of resources coming in to stay alive then this is a game for you. Very Stable Alpha with a lot of features.

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