Thursday, March 16, 2017

Children of the Galaxy Review

Quick Review: Buy if: You enjoy 4X games that offer something different.
Very responsive Dev team that listens to feedback
Huge Tech Tree that is spherical and easy to figure out
Hidden Secrets waiting to be discovered
Large amount of building possibilities for planets
Must play Tutorials – The UI and controls are not the norm.
Micromanaging Planets can become tedious

This is kind of a mix between MOO and Stellairs. On one end, you have Masters of Orion, the game that made 4X games a genre back in the mid-90s. The other end you have Stellairs, which was just released a year ago, but in my opinion it added features and changed how the whole 4X genre is handled.  Children of the Galaxy is a weird mix of simple and complex that blends well together. It does some things not seen before, like moving galaxies, which has it planets obit around there sun. When you target a planet if it takes more than one turn to get to, you must target its next movement location. It’s displayed on the map, so It’s not a complete guessing game. Another cool thing is warp magnets, you build these in a system and they make ships warping land around them. It’s a resource hog but who doesn’t want to know exactly where the enemy fleets will drop in at? Little things like this give it an identity that stands out from all the other 4X’s.  

My first lets Play Video:

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