Friday, March 17, 2017

MyWorld Review

If you enjoy creating adventures for others to play this is a blast. I set down to play with it last night and then it was 4 hours later. The building / NPC's and item placement are easy to do. You can create your quest and have it be item retrieval or mob kill. The players get xp for completing them. The combat is basic hack and slash with 4 abilities built in. If you enjoyed Trove, the combat is very similar. The menu system for getting around worlds is awesome and I love the main hub area. You can watch game videos, check out the workshop and even upload your creations all in one spot. The devs are very receptive and worked with me on a crash issue last night. They had it patched into steam within 30 minutes. I except good things for the future of this game. For $15 it offers a lot of simple fun.

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