Thursday, October 12, 2017

Computer Tycoon Review

I've only played 1 game so far and I fell flat into the red after a few years. I kind of tried to test the limits and see what I could do and what would and would not work. The flexibility and freedom in tycoon games is one of my favorite parts of them. In Computer tycoon this is no different. The tutorial is lacking and the game is buggy, the developer knows this and is working on correcting it as I type this I am sure. I can tell you I learned a lot from playing my first game and pretty sure I know what approach to take on run through #2. IF you like Tycoon games and don't mind helping iron out some bugs in EA this game offers a lot of fun. 
Watch me stumble through my first game here. Sorry Music was way too loud, but you can see what the game is like.
Twitch Video

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