Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mutant Football League review!

I played Mutant League Hockey and Football back in the day on my Sega what a good time. I kickstarted this game twice, once when it failed and the last time when it was successful. I talked to the creator by email a few times, He's genuinely a nice guy who cares about his game and the community. With that said I am obviously a fanboy of this game. As an adult my gaming taste and requirements are much higher now so I was worried this game would not hold up. Review The game holds true to its roots and no punches were held back. It's got bad language and the gore is abundant, I don't mine this stuff and you can also turn it off if it bothers you. The commentary is well written and fits the game perfectly. The time and effort put into turning each team into its NFL counterpart is impressive. I laugh out loud at the names on each team every game. If you played the originals and liked them or if you want a not so serious Football game, this is for you. It's still got season mode and lots of other features but your star RB might get killed in the first play of the game, hell your entire squad of RB's might die and then you can't run the ball. The game is crazy at times with tricks plays and ref bribes happening, but it's always a good time. Bring on Mutant League Hockey next! Here is some gameplay video’s I made if you are interested.

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