Saturday, December 30, 2017

OrbusVR - MMORPG in VR first look review.

Being the first major MMORPG made for VR, I was afraid they would just throw something together quickly and get it out the door. However I am pleasantly surprised that is not the case. We got a  fun, exciting, and challenging game with no monthly subscription. The best part was that it gave me the nostalgia feeling I've been looking for in an MMO since I played my first back in 99. The excitement and wonder of what's next is there and the community is friendly, helpful and fun to play with. The 4 classes are all different and offer different play styles that people will fit into and love. The game doesn't hold your hand for long and all the sudden your in this giant world with lots to do and figure out.  I got the game for free to stream/review, but I will be buying it for a friend because it's well worth the $40 IMO and who doesn't enjoy a MMORPG with a friend.

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