Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Skylight VR on the HTC Vive Review

Skylight is a fun, light, Space Ship RTS that works great in VR, but also can be played without. I have only played it in VR for this review. You command your fleet,that you created to battle the upcoming enemy fleet on a battlefield that is beautifully created right in front of you. You get turns and special abilities to control and a battlefield that encourages flanking and strategy. There are 3 campaign modes with 10 levels each. I have yet to beat level 3 in the first campaign. I have lost 4 times now.  I am bad at Strategy games but I can tell this one offers a substantial challenging and lots of battlefield planning to win.

Here is some  some game play video if you'd like to see me fail.  Also please subscribe and help me grow my channel.
My Game Play Video

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