Friday, February 9, 2018

ECO Review

It's like Minecraft but your actions effect the environment and if you kill off all the elk, well then, they are gone. If you smelt ore it produces harmful effects on the planet that needs to be taken care of properly otherwise it creates a big problem. It's all about building a device to destroy an asteroid before it hits the planet (30 days) while not destroying the planet in the process. You can easily pollute the water and kill off animals or drop ground waste and destroy trees and plants. It's got a full economy and you are supposed to work as a community together to stop the asteroid and share resources / responsibilities. You can setup work benches and charge a fee to use them. It could be seeds, food, ore etc. You can make planet rules and put them into effect by vote. Like you can only kill 3 rabbits per day. It’s a lot of fun that can be solo’ d or played as a group. I personally like the group play the best as dividing up jobs per what skills you specialize in is fun and makes you work together to achieve your goals. 

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