Thursday, March 22, 2018

Turmoil The Heat is on DLC Review!

I really enjoyed the base game a few years back and beat the campaign after about 15 hours.  I felt like that was just the right amount of time for the cost of the game / game mechanic's getting boring. Now with the Heat is on DLC, which you can pick up for $5 or $12 for both if you never played the base game. I find myself thrown back into oil fields competing for money and glory!  The DLC adds enough new things that it drew me back in all excited to harvest my first Magma and find new hidden treasures, but also just getting reacquainted with the base gameplay has put a smile on my face. If you enjoy Strategy / Simulations games this is an excellent buy for the money and the DLC is well worth the $5 price tag.

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Here is some gameplay video.

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