Thursday, April 5, 2018

Motorsport Manager

MM really digs deep into Motorsports Racing. I am not a huge ran of racing in general , but I still got sucked in because of my love for simulation management games. I highly recommend Motorsports Manager to any simulation / management game fan. It's buggy and at times painfully slow to progress, but still is one of the top 5 management games ever IMO. The combination of managing your staff / drivers, mixed with building a car, while juggling $$$ and still being successful and keeping your job is a lot to handle, but is done well.  I would recommend a couple mods to go along with the game, they do very cool things and clean up a lot of the silly mistakes made by the developers. They are the Fire 17 mod and the perfect practice mod. They can be found in the workshop.  After 12 seasons I lost my main career due to a database error. I tried a ton to get it back but was never successful. Even going back several saves always resulted in the crash happening at the same point. Normally when this type of thing happens I quite the game and never look back, but I still felt the urge to play more so I started a brand new career...that is how much I like this game.

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