Friday, May 11, 2018

Journey of LIfe Early Access First look!

     Journey of Life does a lot of things differently then most survival games. The main reason is its far more realistic. You start with 4 inventory slots, so making that backpack early on is key.  You can't carry XX number of logs and stones, like most survival games let you do. Is that good or bad? Well I think that might depend on your preferences, I found I really liked it. Sure it can be a pain to gather resources to make the simplest items, but I felt like I accomplished something big even when it was really only a  small item like a backpack or fireplace. So the question is how much do you value realism? I don't think anyone can carry more then a couple sticks or stones at a time in real life without the assistance of a backpack. So that is what Journey of Life goes for, and it does it well.

     I really like what they've got working in the game and many of the mechanics have potential, but it's still got a long way to go and the $25 price tag is too much of a risk for hoping they finish the game. Its only a 2 man crew and even though they have been quick to fix bugs and get patches out so far, I feel like this game has a few years of work left to go. As many of us know life can easily get in the way of that. I wish the price tag was $10 I would recommend taking a chance on it for that price.

     Here is my first look video if you'd like to see it in action.

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