Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Make Sail - First look

I jump off the plank and right into Make Sail for a first look video. The game is all about building a boat that can with stand your travels as you go from island to island collecting items.  Traversing the water is dangerous and not a breeze...haha I am hilarious. The building is easy with snap to points that work well.  Much like other builder games this one requires you to know the basic's of wind navigation and rudder controls.  I think since I've recently played Sea of Thieves that it helped me with some of that. Not that it's hard to figure out for most.  The game has nice relaxing graphics which fit the atmosphere well. As for content this game is in early access and doesn't offer a ton, but it did run well and I can see the potential for what's to come.

Here is my first look video if you'd like to see some game play.

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