Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Omerta City of Gangsters Review

I skipped on this game at release(2013) after being really excited for it. The price and mixed reviews were the main deterrents if I remember correctly. At some point I did purchase it along with all the DLC content. I sadly have no idea when or where I picked the game up at, most likely one of the big sales, none the less that doesn't matter at this point. After 5 years I finally have experienced Omerta and let me tell you it has a lot of flaws, but wow is it a lot of fun at the same time. If you like management games and x-com lite style combat then your in for a treat. Be warned it has a lot of things that may turn people off. Like the fact that it doesn't really do either Strategy or combat well. The city management is where it really shines. The sheer amount of city management and customization of how you want to run your gang is beyond great. I try to auto most combat's but the %percentages for most interactions seem really off. I've failed a lot of 60-75% success chances, I've seen others report the same issue, so it's not just me and my bad luck. With all that said I am still left in a state where if Omerta 2 was in the works (it's not) I would buy it at release without hesitation.

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