Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Between The Stars Demo - On Kickstarter now.

I just played the demo for Between the Stars, which is a roguelike space ARPG. It kind of reminded me of FTL and Firefly. It's got silly banter mixed in with a serious story that unfolds in mission type segments. They all seem to put you in a liner path, at least for the demo. Loot is gathered in pods which you open and then loot is thrown at you, like opening a pack of cards in hearthstone.  I enjoyed that small surprise more then I should of. It has it's quirks, like the flying takes a bit to get use too, and some systems need a little bit more explaining, but it is a demo after all. I recommend everyone check out the free demo and then support them on Kickstarter if they like it. I know for $20 I am going to help support the game because I can see having a lot of fun with it.

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