Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Game Dev Studio Review

A deep simulation that doesn't hold your hand and can leave you confused at times. It's not the prettiest game of this type, nor does it have the best interface, but what it lacks in those area's it makes up in others.  It has some very complex systems, such as the skill tree and game design elements. These and other systems blend together well and make the game far more complex then others of this genre. All of that said it makes the game a bit confusing so make sure you do the tutorials. As for the difficulty I played on Normal, which is the 2nd hardest difficulty option available, so you can decide to lower it if your not enjoying the pressure and missing your goals. Once you figure out how the game works and the depth it offers you quickly start falling in love with it. You can tell the developers put a lot of hard work into the game and are still updating it and adding new features. 

You can pick it up on Steam for $5.99 right as it's on sale for 40% off.

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