Friday, October 12, 2018

MapleStory 2 - First impressions

First off let me say that I am not a huge fan of this style of game and at first this one really turned me off. The story and animations are too over the top for me. I found skipping almost all the cut scenes was my cure. The world is huge with housing and npc's spread all throughout. There are so many things to do that I found myself wanting to see everything, complete every zone quest and just explore it all. There is a story line taking you around the world that guides you to new zones and the quest are very rewarding.  The built in quest markers make following them easy, even without watching the cut scenes. There are wonderful events that happen every 30 minutes ( I think) and in the middle of all of that there are random hats that you can find that take you to very Mario-esk mini worlds that offer a quick  money or xp collecting area that has huge payoffs.

Grouping is easy and so far I really like the Dungeons in the game. They are typically 3-10 minutes long and have you fighting a boss at the end that gives off good rewards. I've only done 3 so far so this might change later on. Lastly I have not even got into the house building / furnishing, I've vissited a few player built structures so far and from the looks of them there are a lot of options and flexibility to what you can do. Overall this is the most impressive FTP MMORPG I've ever played and I have yet to feel like I am missing out by not paying for premium. With that said I am only level 24 and that might change.

I recommend anyone looking for a fun MMORPG that's more causal then most to check it out and join our Discord and guild.

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