Friday, November 30, 2018

Flat Worlds Review

A fun VR experience that could use a few QOL improvements but overall is really fun.
Flat Worlds puts you in the Milky Way Galaxy and has you colonizing planets and organizing transports to supply each colony. It's a balancing act that gets hard to maintenance each time a colony levels up.  The game ran fine in VR and besides a few quick turns while riding on a transport ship I never had any motion sickness, that's just an experience and not required btw.
The QOL improvements I would suggest are as follows.  A way to speed up game play, it can get really tedious waiting for that next planet to level.  The other big one would be better information about transportation and using multiple ports to supply each city.

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Here is some game play video if you'd like to see what the game plays like.

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