Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Epic Launching it's own Game Store

This had to be something that was in the works before the surprise hit that was Fortnite right? I'll give Epic a lot of credit, even though I am not a huge fan of Fornite, they did and are continuously knocking it out of the park with that game.  They do move fast, so maybe it's a new idea that came along with the success of Fortnite? Honestly no I don't think so, it makes sense that a company who makes one of the most popular game engines would do this.  Now I am sure the popularity of Fortnite has only accelerated this move, but I am going to go with this being in the works for along time.

We've seen a string of new stores announcements  recently. Including the Western Juggernaut Tencent saying they wanted to bring the WeGame store global. Robot Cache is also coming soon with a few tricks up it's sleeve. It has the lowest cut of sales take at 5%, plus offers a cut of any game sold as used to the developers as well. It allows users to mine cryptocurrency (there own form of it called Iron) and use that to buy games. The last big difference between it and the others is that you can sell back digital games for 25% of the value.

So whats different about Epic's Store, right now we know they are offering a 88% cut of sales to the developers, plus even bigger bonus for games made on there Unreal engine.  Plus the all mighty Fortnite will be featured automatically bring in a huge player base.

Steam is going to be getting a lot of new competition very soon and they've taken notice. Just earlier this week they announced they would be taking a smaller chunk of revenue from games that are popular and have sold X amount of copies. So bigger AAA games will have more reason to use steam. Right now though that's it and from what I heard the Indie dev's are ready to move ship. As much as I hate having a lot of different stores to log into, competition is good for the consumer. 

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