Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Anthem Beta coming Jan 25th-27th

We are excited for Anthem, if you have pre-ordered or are a subscriber to Origins access you will get access. Need a clan to game with? Join us by clicking the Discord server to the right.
Here is what EA says you need to do to get access.
If you are an Origin Access or EA Access subscriber or if you digitally pre-ordered on Origin, Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store, you have been automatically registered for the VIP Demo & do not need a code.
If you've pre-ordered Anthem through any other retailers, you will need a code to access the VIP Demo. Please contact the retailer you pre-ordered from to obtain your code.
If you are an EA Access or Origin Access Subscriber, or Pre-Ordered the game, you need to Sign In to access the Friend Pass page.

Sign up here if you have not per-ordered

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