Saturday, January 26, 2019

Derail Valley VR - First look

Amazing Train simulation game that really shines in VR. It's Early Access and they do still have bugs to work out, but you can see the well laid out plans and it's already got enough things to warrant the $20 price tag. Unlike most VR games you can go around and explore the landscape at any time you feel like. There are different trains to master, lots of missions that have you hauling different things from one location to another, upgrades and more. Word of caution though before you go taking on too much of a load get to know your train and whats it capable of. I did not and what I thought was a simple job turned into a nightmare as my tiny engine that could not rolled back down a hill I was trying to climb.  There is a lot of missions to do and a good sized map to do it on, but you must take a few moments to take in the beautiful scenery around you as you transverse the world and make that hard earned money.

Here is my video for it if you'd like to see it in action.

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