Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Galaxy Squad - EA review

Galaxy Squad is a nice mix of FTL and X-com mechanics. It doesn't have either beat by any means, but it takes some of the best parts of them and blends them into a fun experience. Combat is hard and tactics are needed, at least on normal difficulty. I lost a couple guys early on, you start with 3, I picked another up in a bar during one of my first stops. So briefly I had a squad of 4, but only briefly because some spooky spider looking bugs decided it was time to put me back down to 3. I lost another in my next battle with some cyborg enemies who were well armored. With my back against the wall, not for cover mind you, just the roguelike game ending wall most of us know too well. I employed a more strategic approach to my battles and to my surprise I completed several hard missions with only 2 crew members. Stun grenades are amazing btw. The dev have continued to support, putting in a lot of bug fixes and new content into this 3 month old game.  For $10, it is a steal and will entertain you for hours.

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