Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Review

A glorious RPG adventure that gives you the chance to become whatever type of person you want. I quickly fell in love with the stealth, stealing and fencing systems in the game. This led me early on to go with a not so master thief style game play. I found it exciting and dangerous, as your always on edge sneaking through a house hoping to not wake up the occupants as you pick chest in hopes of finding some valuables. Unlike most games citizens do not react well to be robbed blind, so even not getting caught has it's consequences. After a while of avoiding main combat and only using sneak attacks and running from fights, I got to a point in the main story where I needed to be able to fight. So I decided to go with a mace and Shield. It's not your standard combat system and enemies will not come at you one at a time. If there are 3 or 4 enemies in the fight, unless you get some really luckily blows in early that takes a few out, your are not going to win...well I never did I am not the best at combat. Overall it's a great melee system with combos and thrilling fights.
When you start out in the world it's unforgiving and you have to learn quick because you will get murdered. There are a lot of quest to complete or you can just go do your own thing and slowly work your way down the main story line.

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