Saturday, January 26, 2019

Little Imps - EA review

EA review
It's a really slow paced dungeon builder with a lot of charm, but it's dreadfully slow and annoying at times. The $12 price tag makes it hard to recommend right now. It's a browser game converted over to a steam game, but they forgot to take out the huge wait times on building things. You can quickly finish production with crystals, but with the $12 price tag people are not going to expect this kind of system. It also has you click to finish production once the timer expires, which is painful and out of touch with a steam game compared to a phone or web game.  I missed the ability to rotate the camera or zoom in really close, which is things I'd like to see added to the game if possible. Hopefully a lot of these issues will be fixed and they will convert it over to a more fast pace game and not a pay to speed up type that thew browsers based version is. With all that said some people find it more convenient to play in a lot of small short burst and this game will fill that void

Here is 30 minutes of game play if you'd like to see it in action.


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