Monday, February 25, 2019

Starblaze - EA Review

This is an Early Access review for Starblaze, which is made by a small team of 2 people. It's currently available on the Steam store for $20 and supports the HTC Vive. Right away you can tell a lot of love has went into this game. It has a lot of little cool things in it that make it special and endearing. The Demo room, Fleet Builder and War rooms are all well done and fun to interact with. The ships are well designed and easy to learn about. However the core game play is in the battles and that is where it's lacking. I noticed right away during my first battle that my frame rate dropped and I started to feel sick. I got use to it but I could not of done another battles after that one.  It's nice to be in the middle of the battlefield commanding and controlling the ships but it's hard to manage and figure out what all is going on most of the time. When you group ships together some seem to work and others just follow. I am not sure if this was my mistake or a bug. Online play and player profiles are not in yet, but without fixing the battles it's not going to matter. I love what Starblaze offers before the battles begin and I hope they can get some fixes in to resolve the frame rate issue. I also think right now a $10 price point is more on par with what the game offers.

Here is my EA first look video!

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