Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Plague Tale: Innocence - First 6 hours review

The game starts out like the first John Wick movie (kind of joking). It's actually not like that at all, except for the worst part.  (Kind of a Spoilers Ahead) Yeah that happens...you know what I mean. (end Spoiler)
 The game is beautifully done both in story telling, graphics and game mechanic's. The stealth can get a little old but you are a young girl with very little training in the combative arts, so it's realistic that you would choose stealth over combat. The story keeps you hooked and has you asking a lot of questions early on. This is not a Disney story by any means, it's harsh and brutal. The delivery is well done and drives you to want to find out all the answers and keep going. I am not finished with the game yet so I will finished this review after that happens.
I'll be streaming it live on my Twitch Channel. Logicbomb82

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