Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pandemic Express EA review

Let me start by saying I am not a huge fan of it right now, but I can see it becoming a game I'd like as it grows out of EA. I like PUBG over Fortnite and this game is by far more like Fortnite. It's fast pace and simpler then typical Battle Royale games.  Guns are limited and there is only one way to win as a survivor and that's riding a train across the map with zombies spawning constantly over and over near you. I've never seen it won by survivors yet, I've seen several teams get close, it takes survivors with guns forming a circle around the top of the train and not letting any zombies jump up and explode, which is near impossible.
I would much rather see an alternative escape route in this type of game. Like having several Helicopter pads on the map, that will randomly spawn incoming choppers that can used to escape, with plenty of warning ahead of time so survivors and zombies could get to them. Then tally up if there are more survivors or zombies at the end and that team wins. I would also keep the train so there is an end game escape and constant target.

Overall  It's priced right and will appeal to people for sure. So if it looks and sound appealing  to you then I'd say grab it and try it out. You will have a 2 hour window to return it, which by then you will know for sure if your into it or not. #PandemicExpress

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