Friday, May 24, 2019

Project Winter - Deception based fun!

This is a great game of hidden identity. Up to 8 people start out in a small hut, 2 of which are traitors, who are working together to try to stop the rest of the people (survivors) from completing their objectives and eventually escaping. The traitors start out with Walkie Talkies and can communicate with each other right at the start. The survivors can only communicate when nearby each other, until they build their own walkie talkies.   The survivors are focused on completing multiple task (randomly given out) to get to the end game of getting themselves off this cold and gloomy place. It's crazy, it's devious and it will cause you to not trust your friends or anyone else for that matter.  It plays like a deception / hidden role board game, which are some of my favorite. 
I streamed my session last night, if you'd like to see what the game plays like.

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