Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kenshi - The Best Sandbox RPG out!

Quick Review: If you are looking for a single player sandbox RPG - Buy this game now, it's my #1 Sandbox game dethroning Mount and Blade and I haven't even installed a mod for this game yet!

Review: I picked this up and was prepared for the long tutorial / figuring out phase that generally encompass this type of Sandbox game. It wasn't there, you jump in and start playing right from the start learning as you go.When you encounter new features it gives you a pop-up text explaining whats going on, and honestly it's just the right amount of detail. It's not too texty that I skip over it, yet it still gives me the right amount of information. Many times it leaves some mystery that you need to figure out on your own, which I love.

In the first game you play, you will most likely do things too fast or without proper preparation and it's going to cost you. Maybe with your life, a friends life or just that settlement you've been working so hard on for the last XX amount of hours. Yep that's right you can lose a whole happened to me. I am getting ahead of myself let me slow down a bit. You can mine, fight, build, run trade routes, become a thieve, slaver and much more. This flexibility is amazing and you can branch out and do as much as you want. There are a variety of weapons, melee, ranged and mounted.  Using a skill levels it up and there is no skill limit, so you can do it all if you want. This goes for all your recruits as well.

Now back to my town, this was in my second game and I had found a very lucrative copper mine not far from outside a town, so I harvested it until I had enough money to recruit a friend to help me. Then we mined together leveling it up and making major money. Than I had a thought, I wanted to make my own town. I would haul my ore there and refine it and make it into products, which is even more profitable. So that's what I did and it started out well until I started getting things that people want. Then the bandits started coming, and there are a lot of different ones of varying power. When they come if your not prepared, they can raid or even take over your base. That happened to me, it sucked but was awesome at the same time, because I went in with blinders on, so the fact that it was possible to see my awesome settlement taken over made me smile. I know that sounds like quitting material for some, but it wasn't and here is why. I had made a lot of mistake along the way and I now know how to correct them, or so I thought. This third play through has shown me some surprises even still.  I am 30+ hours in and still loving it and have big plans that will take many more hours to come to fruition...if I survive that long.

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