Saturday, August 31, 2019

Decay of Logos - EA Review

I got my hands on this game a few days earlier than the EA release, so I've played a fair bit of it. I am not a hack and slash Dark Souls styles combat fan, but I did finish Zelda Breath of the Wild, so I am not a complete noob at these types of games.  I struggled at first with the combat in DOL, it's hard, feels slow compared to other games but once you figure out that timing is key it gets better.  For me it took multiple deaths and more than a few times of raging at the combat mechanic's. If  you watch my video below you will see my frustrations, I did get better and started to see the patterns each enemy had. The world and creatures in it are joyous and fun to see, the world feel alive and full of potential.

I do wish the tutorial, and combat was better, but it's EA and to be honest I enjoyed it enough that I figured this game would be well-received by the community. That doesn't seem to be the case as right now it's sitting at a 43%, which I feel is really low. This game was done by a 4 person team, not a huge multi-million costing team like both Dark Souls and Zelda have. So to have that expectation for an early access title of this caliber is not far to this team. It's a $20 game and yes you can tell it's in an EA state, but I think this game will only get better and the $20 is justified. 

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