Monday, August 5, 2019

Gencon 2019 - Family Day Experience

My wife and I typically go to Gencon 2-3 days each year, we would normally go Thursday and Friday and stay until about 3pm, then drive back to pickup the kids from daycare. It was our thing and I looked forward to it each year. This year we had some scheduling conflicts and were only able to attend on Sunday. The past few years we have talked about taking our girls with us, but feared it was too much walking for our youngest to handle. This year we decided it was time. 
 Selling the girls on the idea was easy, as they love games and we told them they could dress up in costumes, which got them excited before we even arrived. The amount of kids activities at Gencon gives a lot of options which made for hours of fun. This is a nice addition that you do not find at most cons, which really makes Gencon shine even brighter.
With the huge explosion of Kid's board games that have shown up in the last few years, there was plenty for them to do even on the showroom floor. I think they play tested more games then I typically do all con. I loved watching them learn and enjoy a new game and all the demos were friendly and eager to help. Shout out to Haba Games, Devir Games, and Blue Orange Games for the demo's they had setup and friendly instructors who helped teach the games. The girls loved it and I think we can safely say this will turn into a tradition.

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