Thursday, September 12, 2019

Green Hell - A Hardcore Survival Story

I am new to Green Hell, I just jumped into it when the 1.0 update came out last week. I started straight into the story mode and that's all I've played so far in my 7 hours.  My love for survival games is strong and I've played almost all of them currently out. Let me tell you this one is no joke. In fact, I'd say it's hardcore, but done so well it's an amazing experience. The sound effects, graphic's and game mechanic's really standout. I am still early on in the story mode, mostly because I keep dying, but the story so far is fascinating. They do a great job of leading you just a little and letting you find things on your own. With that said it has almost no tutorial, there is no hand holding, just infected scratches, rashes, bug bites and more.  You are left to figure things out on your own after you leave the base camp, and it's not easy.  What's great about this is it all makes sense, you'll be struggling to figure something out and then it will just hit you...that is how you'd do it in real life and that's how it's done here. The game has its hooks in me bad, and I've completed part 1 of my Green Hell Series already and Part 2 is on the way soon. 

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