Monday, September 2, 2019

Re:Legend - EA Review

 I backed this on KS about 2 years ago and like most KS games it's a year late on the estimated delivery, but I'm KS veteran (aka sucker) so this is normal for me. Plus there are so many games to play in this day and age, it never phases me if one is delayed.

Game Review:
 Cute as hell mixed bag of Stardew Valley, Pokemon and Harvest Moon. It's still really buggy and co-op isn't working well, but it's already getting daily patches and if they get it all fixed up it will be a ton of fun and for $20 it's worth it. In my single-player game I've run into far fewer bugs, than when I tried to play MP. This was something that Magnus games warned players about to be fair. The game has the Japanese style over zealous NPC's that are full of Excitement and expectations. The main creatures in this game called Magnus, and they are all very cool looking and fun to interact with. Taming uses a rodeo style mini game that is used capture the Magnus's. Farming, Mining, Fishing, Logging, Crafting, Weaponry and more are all skills you can level up. If you the type of person who hates Early Access  games, I would wait and let this one fully cook before tasting.

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