Sunday, October 20, 2019

Dungeons and Dragons - Ashter Campaign - Episode 1 - The Beginning

4 newcomers to DnD are taken on a custom-made adventure that will last  over 40 hours. Can these newcomers survive and complete their goals? The  journey to Ashter starts now!  This campaign is run online using Fantasy Grounds!
Here is the video. 
Session Highlights:
•    Party arrives in Seahaven
 •    Party learns of a line of war galleons headed toward a fishing village called Minnow
 •    Party meets Indus mage of Seahaven and hears a little of Ashter history
 •    Party meets Thomas traveling merchant and hears a strange story coming from Caster 
•    Party purchases a 4 wheeled wagon with 2 mules and departs Seahaven headed toward Caster
 •    Party encounters and defeats bandits in the trees 
•    Party hears about more bandits along the road 
•    Party finds a concealed ancient road heading toward the mountains

Here it in podcast form!

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