Friday, October 25, 2019

Dungeons and Dragons - Ashter Campaign - Episode 2 - Bandits and Kobolds Oh My!

This is Episode 2 in the Series for our adventures in Ashter. 
Session Highlights:
 •   The party discovers the ruins of an ancient tower occupied by a band of bandits  
•    The party defeat the bandits and find magical items in the treasure ( one cursed )  
•    The party continues toward Caster  
•    The party takes shelter from a storm in the southeast tower with a Kingsguard Knight and 3 soldiers 
 •    The tower is attacked in the middle of the night by a large band of Kobolds ( some winged ) 
 •    The party and the Kingsguard knight and his solders defeat the kobolds  
•    A note is found written in Draconic that they were looking for humans alive or dead to be brought back to a base
Podcast of it: 

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