Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fugitive the 2 players deduction game reviewed!

Fugitive is a delightful 2 player deduction game, where a detective is hunting down a fugitive, hence the name. As the detective you are trying to track down the thief as they make their way out of town, always seemingly a step ahead of you. If the fugitive plays his cards right and avoids capture he can win the game. For the detective to win it's going to take some smarts and luck to capture the fugitive  and win the game.

Fugitive has some of the best component pieces I've seen, and a cool magnetized briefcase box to keep them in. The artwork fits the game theme perfectly. Overall it's one of my top 2 player games that I think anyone could fall in love with.

Want to hear more? We did a podcast review for it because we liked it that much.

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