Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BigFoot - EA Review

BIGFOOT the game is a survival game based around finding the fictional (or not) beast, Bigfoot. The game is best consumed with a group like-minded cryptozoologist. The beast will pop up and attack the different members of your party as you search about the rather perfectly sized map. Your team must also face environmental challenges such as natural predators (wolves and bears) and the cold. The game play is built around two different objectives: find the missing hikers or trap the beast. Recently additional maps have been added, including the Bigfoot frozen cousin the Yeti. Armed with tracking darts, traps, and an array of cameras to scout of the area, the game balances out the challenging Bigfoot encounters with the teamwork your group can provide. While I was unable to track down Bigfoot myself, I am very interested to play it again.

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