Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dungeons and Dragons - Ashter Campaign - Episode 3 - Caster

This is Episode 3 in our Ashter Adventures. We play these on Fantasy Grounds and Discord.
Episode Highlights
•Sir Herold Moore gives to Philip a token of the Kingsguard
• The party departs the Southeast Tower
• The party arrives in Caster
• The party meets Harlin Peetsome but finds little wrong in Caster
• The party spends the night at the Fish Tales inn
• In the middle of the night Caster is attacked by waves of undead, skeletons and zombies
• The party rescue Harlin Peetsome who swears one of the undead was the former magistrate of Caster
• In the morning the party go with Harlin to the town cemetery
• The party discovers that a tunnel has been dug under all the caskets in the cemetery, and the caskets are gone.
• The party achieves 2nd level

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