Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Charterstone Board Game Review

It’s colorful, has good components, is fun to play, and only slightly devious. Charterstone offers you 12 fun 60-minute gaming sessions that are story driven and offer many big-time game changing opportunities to steer the direction of play. The game rules and features unfold as you advance, giving you time to learn the game slowly. Plus at the end of the 12-story missions you get a unique to your game session Charterstone board. I highly recommend this game with final score of 16 Dice.

Fun Factor - 4 out of 5 Dice
Excellent session time, lovely story, the blended deck building and randomness of draws felt good. The different play styles give this game a lot of variety.

Replay Value4  out of 5 Dice – It’s a legacy game, so normally this score is the worst, but with the huge variety of play styles and story choices, this would be fun to replay.

Components4 out of 5 Dice – Metal coins, solid cardboard, colorful and fun artwork give Charterstone high marks for component quality.

Ease of Learning4 Out of 5 Dice – Not a dictionary rule book like you find in some legacy games, which is good. We had some issues understanding when things happened or when new mechanics were introduced. We did have to reference the book and internet several times, but overall compared to similar games it was one of the easiest to learn.

Total Dice Score: 16 out of D20

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