Friday, September 18, 2020

Path to Prosperity Early Access Review

 Path to Prosperity has you taking over control of a small port and building it into something profitable. You can build mines, quarries, lumber mills and more. All to generate resources that you sell to ships as they enter your port. There are many ways to make money, you can stay focused on Mining Stone or branch out into more avenues, if you so desire. You have to feed and shelter your workers, along with defending your port from pirates and other raiders. All in the prospect of making gold to send back to the Queen, which will unlock access to rare items, and win you the game.

 I like the freedom of building the port to your own specifications and managing the people and resources. You can feel the small indie team charm in this one, but with that also comes the lack of some ease of use or common functionality that you might expect from a bigger budget game.  For being an early access title made by a small indie team, it has a solid foundation that is very playable. If you think it might be something you would enjoy, I highly recommend you check it out and support Essence Games. 

Here is a video of the game in action. 

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