Friday, September 25, 2020

Port Royale 4 - Hitting the High Sea's -Review

 As a first time player in the Port Royale Universe, I am having a blast. The tutorial is a must and fully playing it takes about an hour, but it's one of those weird tutorials that is well done and fun to play. I am a huge fan of Sid Meier's Pirates, in fact it was the game that really got me hooked on PC gaming, back in 5th grade. I miss the old Tandy 1000sx. 

At first, I thought of PR4 as an enhanced and upgraded Sid Meier's Pirates, but it's not. It has a far superior economy / city management system, that is really the focus of the game. Combat is turn-based and you are not a pirate. It's more about building a network of supplies and creating products to set up the best economy you can. I like that you get to pick a captain for your ships, and they have their own skills. At first, I was against the idea of turn-based ship combat, but it actually works really well and makes combat very strategic and fun.
If you are into economy driven trading / simulation games and like the idea of doing it in the 17th century Caribbean, then look no further the ship has arrived.

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