Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dracula Digital Edition On Steam

I never played the board game, but it has always been spoken highly of by everyone, so I went in with high expectations. I love hidden movement games that keeps everyone having fun, while not allowing a single strategy to win out.  Right at the start I was impressed by the animations and sound effects. Nomad Games did a great job of bring the story alive. It really shows you what a digital adaptation can excel at for board games.

 Our first game was more of a learning game, which is how almost all board games go. It was a bit confusing at parts, but nothing that we didn't figure out in the first 10 minutes or so. We all learned a lot and were chatting afterwards about how we figured this out, or that we had a new strategy planned for the next game. This typically happens in my group only if the game is good. We all are excited to play again soon.
For those that are worried about it only being 1 vs 1 online, use Steam Remote Play. It works great in this game.
 Here is a video of us playing our first game, 3 players using Steam Remote Play.


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