Monday, November 23, 2020

Dysmantle - Early Access First look

 Dysmantle is another post-apocalyptic tale of emerging from a bunker to see what the world is like after being sheltered for a long period of time, though this one is only 2-3 years after the devastation.  You come up into a pretty familiar, but overrun world. Immediately you start breaking things down into useable crafting materials. Fighting and salvaging your way from area to area.  I like that the combat is fast-paced and requires some dodging. It's not just smash smash smash. The crafting is complex, and there are plenty of save your progress campfires spread around the areas. 

The only thing that bothers me is that it is a bit grindy, and there are lots of enemies to kill, over and over, they respawn when you camp to rest / craft. Overall for being an Alpha / EA title it's got a great base to build from with plenty of time to work things out and keep expanding. The dev teams seems very active already pumped out 3 patches in its first 2 weeks of life. I think once they get it fleshed out and content filled this might be a very fun and chill  zombie survival smasher. 

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