Thursday, January 7, 2021

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 "That Hope is You, Part 2"

 The finale to season 3 doesn't hold back, as with the pace this season has held it fills each minutes with action and suspense. We had a bunch of loose ends to tie up, and they seemingly tied almost all of them together into a beautiful ending. 

The first half of the episode is where most of the action takes place. We get Michael, Book and the bridge crew all doing their part to save the Discovery. We do get frequent shifts of focus to Suru, Akira, and Colber trying to figure out how to convince Su'Kal that he needs to face his fears. While not a huge fan of this part of the season, it does give reason to get Michael back into the commander chair, see the end of this episode for more details :). 

We will have our podcast up tomorrow covering our thoughts on this episode and the season as a whole. 


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