Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Code2040 - First Look

 Not sure why all the hate, fascinating and different BR that is free to play. You spawn in with your group of 3 in a random location. Sometimes it's close to things and other teams. Other times you get less buildings but also fewer people. You have an explosive collar on that will detonate when the timer runs out. You need to get to an authenticate station and then stand around the small antennae to get more time added to your collar. There are several stations you can go to, and I think it's random which are active each round, honestly they might be permanent, I wasn't paying that close of attention. A team can get to the evacuation pod and start that timer, and if no one stops them, they can win by leaving the map. I have never seen this happen, but I am sure it does at times.

Right now there are 3 roles you can take on the team. One puts a shield down, one heals and the other scans for enemies. These are grenade like objects you throw down, and they are slow to recharge. They are really powerful when used correctly. There are also NPC monsters in the game, that drop loot and cause chaos. They are not hard to kill, but take time and allows others to hone in on your location.  

There is daily, weekly and season missions, much like all the other season pass games. It  cost $10 to get the season pas, and resembles the PUBG battle Pass.  Nothing more than cosmetic gear as far as I could tell.

Overall I am impressed with what Code2040 brings to the table, bring a free to play game and having the features that many of the more mature Battle Royale games have. It really gives it a great start. They have slots open to add more special abilities, and there are always guns and gear to add.  If they add more maps and keep the cheaters out this could be a long term mainstay in the battle royale scene. 

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