Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Cartel Tycoon Early Access Review

Cartel Tycoon has some unique mechanics that are different from other games in the genre. The story and interactions feel like a perfect fit for the games style. I often found myself with a smile on my face from the dialog. I do want to warn everyone that there is lots of micromanaging that happens after the first 20 minutes or so. Once a task it set it repeats, but some task in the game are annoying and end up stopping if someone happens. Then even if the problem is resolved it doesn't start back up unless you tell it to. I do hope they add further automation and allow you to set a lieutenant to auto resume the previous task. While it's fun doing the lieutenant shuffle at first, it gets old real fast. There are a lot of territory battles going on and when you pull someone off to fight for you, they lose their original task. So you have to remember what they were doing and from what location. 

 Now with all that said this game is a charmer, and it is still in early access. I like what I've seen going from the demo to the early access gameplay. Lots of great improvements and changes that put the game in the right direction. If you don't mind supporting an early access title, and running a drug cartel sounds fun, then look no further the shipment has arrived. 

Here is my first look video.

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