Tuesday, June 1, 2021

MMG Update / News


This year is flying.  We got lots of new videos up on our YT channel.  We covered Biomutant,  Port Royale 4's new DLC, Tennis Manager 2021, Demeo and more. As for the board game side of things, Will has been busy unboxing some hot new items like Chronicles of Drungagor, and a whole pile of Blue Orange game delights.  
Upcoming we got an early look at Slipways, it's a great blend of puzzle / lite 4x that will be $15 on steam. It's launching on June 3rd and I loved it. The video for it will go live on our channel tomorrow. Will just covered Farts and Fairies, whose Kickstarter goes live today. It's a great game if you have  kids who like silly and  fun games. My 2 daughters both love it. 
The new RPG Map will be arriving in a Patreon only post coming soon. Don't forget to check the Discord. We give away games on the Patreon only channel each month.  Currently, it' NBA2k20 and it has 3 days left. 
Thank you all and game on!
Eric and Will

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