Sunday, September 12, 2021

Lilith Odyssey Review

 I gave this one my Indie Gem award, What does this mean? Well I play and review a lot of indie games on the MMG, I get offered keys for a bunch but usually only hand pick the ones that I think sound up my alley. Even hand-picking them, a lot of them are just not well done, bland, or just poorly thought out. On occasion, though, I run into one that really just impresses me. You can tell they poured their heart into the game. It might still be buggy and need some work, have some weird unusual systems that just confuse you, but there is no doubt that they really spend the time and effort to make the game their own.

Lilith Odyssey has a lot of things that make it shine. Unique systems, that at first are confusing, but you soon realize the thought process and meaning behind them. The music is really entertaining, it makes flying around the galaxy a blast. A ton of planets to explore and survive on. You might have to fight your way through or just peacefully gather resources and build a mini colony.  My favorite thing though is the all the little touches found throughout the game, a dialog you might hear spoken from an alien, or something that comes across the radio that you relate to.

If this one sounds like you might like it, I would wager you will. So don't be afraid of the $20 price tag, it's worth every cent and having only been out a few weeks into EA, I only see it getting better.


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