Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Book of Travels - Review

 While definitely not for everyone, Book of Travels offers a unique experience, more akin to an old school M.U.D. or graphical adventure, then a typical MMORPG. Combat is not a main focus, and is far less involved than in most games. Exploration feels real, it has  a slow and steady pace, with a let's experience this moment type of game play, rather than a lets rush and finish a quest game play. 

The world is beautiful and full of story, there is almost no direction, so you are tasked with figuring the game out at your own pace. You can join with others to complete a task, often times it requires others in fact, but the game does not that make that easy at its current version. There is no friends list or easy way to connect with others. Overall, I can't wait to see how this game grows and progresses, it offers something different, and I like that. 


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