Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Marvels Midnight Suns - It Does it, as it Wants and at it's Own Pace.

 Firaxis is known as the company that does Strategy games, X-com specifically, and along with that comes high expectations. Now mix that with the MCU license and  things can easily get out of hand expectation wise. With that said, it seems Firaxis didn't flinch when delivering Midnight Suns. 

Let's start out with the fact that they choose a very obscure comic series run as the base of this game. For one thing it was a series I had never heard of before, now that wasn't a surprise to me, as I am not a huge comic reader, but the more I dived into it, I found out that it wasn't just me. I soon found out why they chose it, though, as it has a bunch of well known characters, some having recently been very active in the MCU. 

The story has been interesting so far, and it's giving me insight into some MCU characters I only knew by name. The game moves at its own pace, often reminding me of a Telltale Series game, where it's more of a story you watch, then play, but it doesn't take it that far, so don't get worried if that is something you dislike. The combat is excellent, it's turn-based with a card system, that has some surprising depth. You take 3 characters into most combat situations, each has their own abilities that you can upgrade.

In between cut scenes and missions, you walk around the headquarters area, which is not what I expected. It has hidden secrets, other heroes to interact with, and more. You upgrade cards, find artifacts, research new technology or magic, and get the story fed to you by enjoyable cut scenes. After a while, you can pick and choose missions at your own leisure. You build relationships with the other characters by doing hangout sessions. This improves your chemistry with them during combat. You also align yourself with whatever directions you want your character to go through chats with other heroes, which also effects certain cards and their power. 

I still got a long way to go in Midnight Suns, and it still seems to be slowly throwing new things at me. The story is good so far, the characters have personalities and keep me coming back for more. Some characters in this game that have been heavily featured in the MCU movies, you might not like, as it's not the same characters we are familiar with. Tony Stark, while having the same name, is not the Tony Stark we know from the movies. Overall, I like this change, but it does take some time to get use to. Also, I want to mention this game is filled MCU humor, which I find fun and light-hearted.  I will have a video review up soon, so stay tuned for that!

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